Distributions Update


10/3/2014 8:03 AM

PHP Update .NET Development

PHP and .NET

Next week the 51Degrees Device Detector for .NET and PHP will be updated with the changes below. .NET is available from Codeplex and PHP is up at Github, with the changes in beta but will be designated as stable shortly.

.NET Changes

  • Match results are no longer cached in session.
  • Temporary data files are no longer created for every worker process. Instead, a single one is created and shared by all the workers.
  • Fixed a bug where premium data would not be downloaded when a licence key is given until the lite data had expired.
  • NewDevice.cs has been changed to a static class to ensure only one background thread can be running at any one time.
  • A single queue which is destroyed after it's cleared is used in NewDevice.cs to avoid any locking conflicts.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in that would cause a null exception if the useragent was null.

PHP Changes

  • ImageHandler.php now correctly resizes images with transparent pixels.