Comparing 51Degrees to Google Analytics


3/14/2018 3:22 PM

Analytics 51Degrees Device Data

51Degrees share the device data differences

51Degrees are often asked how our data compares to other Device Intelligence providers. In this blog we highlight the key differences between the data you can retrieve from Google analytics and the granular device data we can provide.

Google Analytics vs 51Degrees

Although Google analytics will provide helpful information and detail on the Device Type, Model OS, Browser and screen size, companies who need a more granular view of device specifications and capabilities will need a solution that provides a richer set of insights.

For example, device hardware vendors require access to additional properties such as age and price of device to enable them to run strategic upgrade campaigns to newer models.

The benefits of device detection for other sectors such as Adtech, Publishers, Brands and Content Management Platforms are available here.

Sample properties available in Google analytics v's 51Degrees

51Degrees offers 99.9% accuracy and no ‘default’ assumptions on unidentifiable devices, eliminating false positives. You can read more about data accuracy testing published last year. This blog compares our data to the data provided as default by google analytics and highlights some discrepancies that could be found.