Background: Search for the Heaviest Web Site 2013 Competition


7/3/2013 1:15 PM


We're highlighting the importance of good web site performance on mobile phones by launching our competition to find the web's heaviest site.

We want to you to think about mobile web performance, and to share your thoughts with friends and colleagues. That's why there's a $1000 prize for the heaviest web site entered, and a $300 prize draw for sharing the competition. The heaviest 5 web sites will be given a free copy of 51Degrees.mobi tools. How will your web site perform?

Who Benefits?

Web site owners benefit when users receive a quick response and remain engaged with the site. Web designers and developers need to consider the best approach to achieving both high performance and good design on small screens. Responsive Web Design alone is not always the answer.

Network operators benefit from smaller web sites as they'll need to carry less data.

End users who are not on inclusive data tariffs will save money. All end users will be happier with the experience they receive.

51Degrees.mobi provide the tools developers and designers need to quickly reduce page weight and improve performance. Many of the tools are open source and free for commercial use.

What Next?

The competition is the start of a series of initiatives we're undertaking to shine a light on the common problems associated with delivering web sites to mobile phones. For example we switched our mobile site to a black background saving our users batteries enabling them to browse for longer.

We're really serious about making the mobile web work. That's why I created 51Degrees.mobi.