Apple VS Samsung - Global Mobile Traffic Performance

Products Team

7/7/2013 8:06 AM

Apple Samsung Analysis

To celebrate Apple iPhones 6th birthday, 51Degrees take a look at how Apple smartphones are performing up against Samsung smartphones during last month across the world.

Apple VS Samsung - Smartphone Web Traffic June 2013


51Degrees have added a new feature to our Mobile Analytics service, allowing you to create and link your own charts.

Web traffic from Apple smartphone devices seems to have an overal lead, averaging out at around 68%. Samsung is obviously leading on its home turf in South Korea, however web traffic from Samsung smartphones is also leading in a few other surprising countries.

With GSMA naming Barcelona as the 'Mobile World Capital', it is interesting to see that the Spanish mobile users prefer to browse the web on Samsung devices. India and South Africa are also in favour of Samsung devices, showing the strength of.

Will the release of Apple's iOS 7 gain the company a larger following, or will see people flock to other operating systems?