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Affiliate & Reseller Programmes Launched

Products Team

8/18/2011 11:43 AM


Update: We no longer provide an affiliate program due to an update to our existing standard license agreement

Since the launch of 51Degrees.mobi Framework we've received a steady stream of inquiries from re-sellers and small businesses seeking to resell 51Degrees.mobi, or earn commission via affiliate marketing and lead generation. In order to better manage these agreements 51Degrees.mobi has launched an affiliate programme enabling authorised parties to drive traffic to 51Degrees.mobi and earn a 15% commission on subsequent purchases. For those seeking to have a deeper relationship with the customer a reseller programme is also available attracting a higher margin for the increased effort involved.

Details of the affiliate programme can be found under the My Account menu.

To apply for more details concerning the reseller programme please contact us.