51Degrees.mobi Now Detects SmartTVs

Data Team

9/13/2013 1:44 PM

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Smart TVs, glasses, watches and other devices are the future of web content consumption and 51Degrees has added support for website owners to offer optimised experiences for these new technologies. Gesture and voice controls will become the new touch & swipe and users will interact with digital content in a completely different way.

Over 65 new Smart devices have been added to the already comprehensive mobile phone, tablet, console and eReader database. 51Degrees.mobi device detection now supports LG, Sony, Sharp & Toshiba Smart TV's, Google Glass and more. With 9 new TV centric properties added to the functionality including: Is TV, Supported I/O and Screen Type web site owners will be able to monitor traffic from Smart devices and build a strategy ahead of these devices becoming mainstream.

This added support will enable web owners to create innovative and optimised ways to offer their content to users browsing with new technologies.

Between Q1 2012 and Q1 2013, the share of smart TV sales increased by eight percentage points to 28% of all TV sales, showing a 40% increase year on year. This has now led to over 7% of TV sets in the UK being Smart TVs.

Joe Davine, Marketing Executive at 51Degrees.mobi states:

"Browsing content on 'living-room' devices is becoming more and more prominent. Devices such as the Xbox One and Google Glass will change the way we use the web whilst sitting on our couches and website owners need to be able to offer optimised experiences for these devices."

James Rosewell, Founder and CEO of 51Degrees.mobi states:

"We also forget that over 88% of US consumers use their mobile as second screen companion devices. This means creating a unique interactive experience for both Smart TV's and mobile devices is still important."

51Degrees gives intelligence to your web server, enabling it to detect mobile devices and offer optimised content for your users. Capable of over 5,000,000 detections per second, 99.9% accuracy and updated weekly by a professional data team, 51Degrees.mobi device detection offers unrivalled speed, accuracy and service.

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