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Published on Thursday, January 31, 2013

51Degrees.mobi adds new Blackberry Z10 to Premium Device Data

Finally the Blackberry Z10 has been launched by the recently renamed RIM (now Blackberry).  Our crack team here at 51Degrees.mobi have already had the chance to examine the fancy new device and have added it to our Premium Device Detection Data.

You can download the latest Premium Data from our website. Lite users will start getting BB10 devices from May 2013. You can upgrade to our Premium Device Detection to add support for the Blackberry Z10.

As RIM changed their name, all new Blackberry devices will be listed under “Blackberry”. Do not panic though, as the previous Blackberry devices will still be listed under “RIM”.

In keeping with the Blackberry spirit, James Rosewell (founder of 51Degrees.mobi) had a Blackberry focused article published over at Mobile Industry Review. You can check it out here.

Thanks for reading,

Joe Davine

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Author: Products Team

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Tags: Blackberry , Update

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