Optimize by Device & Location: our new WordPress plugin


2/7/2022 11:00 AM

WordPress 51Degrees Update News

Using WordPress to host your website? It just got easier to enrich your website with real-time data

The presence of WordPress within the website building community is undeniable. Thanks to its ease of use, over 30% of all websites use WordPress – that’s around 455 million websites. Probability would say that you, the reader, are using (or have used) a WordPress website before.

Like WordPress, we also strive for our real-time data services to be accessible for all, whether you’re a web developer pro or a website hobbyist. And with the free 51Degrees Optimize by Device & Location WordPress plugin, you can access a wealth of insight at your fingertips with just a few simple clicks.

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What does the 51Degrees plugin do?

The plugin is just another method to help website owners set up our Device Detection and Geolocation services onto their website. Instead of installing the code directly into your website (which if you aren’t familiar with code can be a scary prospect), the plugin will seamlessly integrate the service onto your site.

Existing users of 51Degrees’ services can easily transfer their current configuration onto the plugin. All you need is your Resource Key to hand when you first install the plugin.

Once installed onto your WordPress website, the plugin can:

  • Gather more insights into your website visitors. With more data, you can build a high-fidelity profile on your target audience, including their location or their device. Use this information to optimize your website development or build customer personas for your marketing strategy.
  • Easily combine the data into Google Analytics. Utilize the power of custom dimensions to delve deeper into your website analytics. This plugin works in harmony with other Google Analytics WordPress plugins.
  • Provide locally relevant content. When you know where in the world your users are based, you can show content or adverts only to those in select locations.
  • Help you strategically optimize your website. Are most of your website visitors using a mobile device? Do they exclusively use the latest iPhone or Android devices with different screen sizes? Boost your mobile SEO and make your WordPress site mobile-friendly for all mobile devices.

Want more details on how to use the plugin? You got it – head on over to our 51Degrees WordPress plugin for marketers blog.

51Degrees - Optimize by Device & Location

Where can I find the plugin?

The plugin is available for free on WordPress.org or search for ‘51Degrees’ on the plugin directory and you’ll spot it. If you wish to install the plugin as a zip file, you can download the plugin file directly from the 51Degrees WordPress GitHub repository.

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Where can I find more information on the plugin?

There are a few places to find additional information on the plugin. We’ve created a new WordPress section in our FAQs and we’ve added a new page about WordPress to our documentation.

We’ll be regularly updating the plugin with improvements and new features. We hope one day to integrate the plugin with other analytics platforms (love them or loathe them, Google's website analytics platform is an essential tool for many website owners, but there are other options available which we hope to cater for). If there’s anything you want to see from our WordPress plugin, please do let us know.

What are you waiting for? Add device and location data to your analytics today!

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