51Degrees talk to Mobile Marketing Magazine


9/29/2017 5:30 AM

Performance DMEXCO Event News

About the problems that still plague publishers and advertisers when it comes to mobile

51Degrees recently exhibited at Dmexco 2017. Attendees, particularly those in Adtech, were seeking ways to improve performance and revenue but they're finding it harder and harder to monetise their content whilst providing a good user experience.

Programmatic advertising is a leading solution but is compromised when consumed on mobile by the highly variable data connection, small screen and low computing power compared to a modern laptop or desktop.

51Degrees at DMEXCO 2017 video

James Rosewell spoke to Mobile Marketing Magazine about the problems that still plague publishers and advertisers when it comes to mobile, and how device detection can help them improve performance and increase revenue.

With the rise of programmatic and the performance requirements for server-side header bidding, now is the time to look at integrating 51Degrees device intelligence into your existing systems. Our new faster algorithm, will provide over 22 million detections per second and 99.9% accuracy.

Over the last year we've re-engineered the device detection process from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of Adtech customers. Any business using regular expression techniques with XML or JSON data files needs to evaluate our solution for themselves and experience the improvements in performance, accuracy and breadth.