51Degrees extends device detection to the cloud


2/13/2015 9:00 AM

Device Detection Cloud News

New FREE and PREMIUM CLOUD products offer unlimited device detection for websites

  • Device detection and web optimisation delivers users with seamless web experience
  • Worldwide data centres deliver fast response times no matter where you are in the globe

Mobile World Congress. Device detection specialist, 51Degrees, today launches two new cloud products, offering website owners an unlimited and a highly cost effective introduction to device detection. Complementing its ‘On-Premise' service, individuals, businesses and brands can optimise website experiences for users through a FREE and PREMIUM CLOUD solution.

Device detection is essential to delivering an optimised web experience and effectively monetising websites. 51Degrees device detection and subsequent web optimisation services enable websites to quickly ascertain whether a user is accessing the site on a smartphone, feature phone, tablet, laptop, PC or Smart TV and deliver a fast loading and optimised web experience to every visitor. Websites using 51Degrees device detection services have seen revenues increase by 40%.

The PREMIUM CLOUD service offers a host of features including unlimited requests, detection from a constantly updated database of more than 20,000 devices and more than 100 properties for detection, including screen size and input method. At $25 per month, the service is 5% of the cost of many competitors less generous offerings.

The FREE CLOUD solution is designed for individuals and non-profit websites but subscribers still receive unlimited requests, although from a smaller database of devices. Both products integrate with popular analytic solutions including Google Analytics. The cloud solutions run across 5 global data centres to deliver the fastest cloud-based response times and resilience against server failure. More data centres will be added during 2015.

James Rosewell, CEO, 51Degrees says, “Developments in reliability of bandwidth and accessibility of cloud services means that cloud based device detection services can now deliver an effective service for the small business markets. Whilst ‘On-Premise' device detection is still by far the fastest and most effective method of device detection for commercial websites, cloud services are now reliable enough to serve the small business and individual markets.”

“We are therefore pricing our Cloud services at the fraction of the cost of competitors, recognising the market for device detection in the cloud is small businesses and non-profit organisations and offering these a competitive and reliable service. High volume commercial sites would still be better served by our on premise service.”

"Device detection and web optimisation is crucial for any business to deliver the most effective web experience whatever device the website is being browsed on. Our cloud services provide a highly cost effective introduction to its capabilities."