5 Foundations of a High Performance Website

James Rosewell

4/8/2015 6:00 PM

Performance Opinion

A reminder from bricks and mortar retailing

The words “Retail is Detail” are often used to describe the business of selling to consumers on the high street. A small fraction of the considerations include competitive pricing, point of sale material, staff scheduling and training, payment systems, store layout, driving footfall and window displays.

In the online world computers replace humans for almost every aspect of customer interaction and the phrase “Retail is Detail” has never been more aptly applied. Computers are complex and have a habit of doing dumb things. They seem really fast at times, but slow down for inexplicable reasons. Ultimately they just do what humans tell them.

Answering the following 5 questions, grounding the answers with reference to long established high street retailing, serves as a reminder of the factors that form the foundations of a high performance website.

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