51Degrees API Documentation  4.4

Web Integration Feature


One of the primary use cases for the Pipeline is as part of the request processing for a website or web service. To make using the 51Degrees Pipeline as simple as possible in this scenario, we have produced a range of packages to integrate with different web frameworks.

See the Specification for more technical details.


The details of each integration vary significantly. However, the features provided are largely the same:

  • Create a Pipeline directly from configuration with little or no other direction from the developer.
  • Automatically feed relevant evidence to the Pipeline from incoming web requests.
  • Make the results of the Pipeline available to all other components.
  • Option to automatically bundle property values into the response, in order to provide client-side evidence in the next request and/or to allow client-side code access to the results from the Pipeline API.


Client-side evidence

One feature that is implemented very differently in each framework is the integration with the client-side evidence feature of the Pipeline.

This section covers the specifics of how it works for each web framework. Additionally the web integration examples include details of how to enable client-side evidence for each framework.

Select a web framework to view details of how client-side evidence is supported.