Is BlackBerry still Relevant?


7/30/2015 12:30 AM

Blackberry Analytics Analysis

Vital stats that can help us analyse the possibilities for BlackBerry

51Degrees takes a look at the current state of BlackBerry, here are the vital stats that can help us analyse the possibilities for BlackBerry.

Where is BlackBerry most used?

Blackberry popularity by country in February 2015

Five countries where BlackBerry is most frequently used for Web access expressed as a percentage of the total traffic originating from BlackBerry devices. Data from February 2015.


BlackBerry popularity table showing 5 countries where BlackBerry devices are most frequently used for Web access. Data from February 2015.

What is more popular: BlackBerry Tablets or Mobiles?

Blackberry by device type February 2015

Graph shows the share of each BlackBerry device type used for Web access in February 2015.


Top 5 most popular BlackBerry device used for Web access in February 2015.

Rank Device Model % of the overall BlackBerry market share
1 Z10 24%
2 Q10 19%
3 9320 12%
4 9900 6%
5 PlayBook 5%

Comparing BlackBerry with competition

BlackBerry's share of Web requests excluding Samsung and Apple devices. Data from February 2015.

The above table shows percentages of Web requests that originated from devices of each Brand. Data excludes Apple and Samsung so the total for this table represents the total less Apple and Samsung Web requests. RIM has been continuously losing popularity over the past year while BlackBerry remained on roughly the same level of 1.5%. Which means the total number of Web requests originating from RIM and BlackBerry devices has halved.


The data suggests that BlackBerry has hit the lowest point and there should not be any further significant reduction in the number of users assuming no bad managerial decisions will take place. According to BBC: BlackBerry announces a new secure tablet. It appears that BlackBerry is trying to re-acquire the Business and Government markets playing towards the latest security and privacy concerns. It certainly is a sound strategy but the price of the new device may be a deal breaker depending on the Operating System it will use.