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Last Post 30 Aug 2016 01:32 PM by  Ben Shillito
(Closed) Potential for use from SQL Server against existing logged user agent strings?
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New Member

New Member

30 Jul 2016 10:17 AM
    Need a device detection solution to run from SQL Server 2008 R2 against logged user agent strings stored in the database. I am thinking that the 51Degrees .Net library + a CLR stored procedure might do the job. Can anyone advise whether you think this feasible please. Obviously I am assuming that the library provides a low level API to parse an existing user agent - I don't need any of the redirection etc. Thanks.

    Ben Shillito

    New Member

    New Member

    30 Aug 2016 01:32 PM
    Hi Mandy,

    Using the .NET API with SQL server is something that can be done. There is a description of how to set this up here: https://51degrees.com/Support/Docum...SQL-Server . Let me know if there are any problems with it.

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