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1 Replies and 2389 Views (CLOSED) Can't connect to Mobile Profile Database    2389  1 Started by  Mike Whaley I am not able to get the Mobile Profile working.I am trying to install the Framework on the second production server. The “profile connection string” shows in error and it suggests I use your RegSQL tool to build the SQL database. I have done this and dropped the database three times, double checked the string, logged on with the given Sql user account/password. Things seem OK. “The Mobile Profile connection string 'Data Source=VMRAPTOR.phfewic.org;Initial Catalog=FiftyOne;Persist Security Info...
1 2389
by  Mike WhaleyJump to last post
13 Jan 2014 10:51 AM
1 Replies and 1743 Views (SOLVED) Mobile Profile 11 GB size    1743  1 Started by  Fabio Pagano I've sent some minutes ago a message about 11 Gb size of Mobile Profile. I've solved, it was the recovery model 'full' instead of 'simple', so you can disregard my previous message. Sorry and thank you for your support and for your beautiful product.
1 1743
by  Fabio PaganoJump to last post
30 Nov 2012 09:42 AM
1 Replies and 2330 Views (SOLVED) MobileProfile documentation?    2330  1 Started by  Murali Setty If I have a home page, Default.aspx, designed for a desktop browser, how do I get it to redirect to a mobile friendly page if a mobile browser requests it I’m having a hard time finding documentation for properties and methods for the MobileProfile object. I see a Mobile.Profile namespace in the class reference, but it doesn’t appear to be the same as the MobileProfile object in the tutorial.
1 2330
by  Murali SettyJump to last post
08 Mar 2011 09:13 AM
0 Replies and 1454 Views (CLOSED) MobileProfile database size: 11 GB    1454  0 Started by  Fabio Pagano I have found that the mobileprofile database in SQL Server in our site is 11 GB. I have checked each table's size and they are very small. May you kindly help me to find where this size may come fromThank you.
0 1454
by  James RosewellJump to last post
25 Aug 2009 08:17 PM
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