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2 Replies and 95 Views Please help with data file  95  2 Started by  finalfrontierchannel Hi, I have registered for the Lite product and downloaded the file of type HashTrieV​34, which is the only one available on the download page. I then installed the packages through Nuget as described in the installation section, the version is 51Degrees.mobi-web I then try to load the file through the stream factory: DataSet dataSet = StreamFactory.Create(fileName) but it throws an exception with description: Version mismatch. Data is version '1441826.2359296.126051942...
2 95
by  AimanKhanJump to last post
08 Aug 2019 02:12 AM
1 Replies and 125 Views hosted on IIS - how can I clean the cache ?  125  1 Started by  Daniel_ I have some issue that the cache is not being updated correctly - how can I clean the cache
1 125
by  lnnJump to last post
14 Jul 2019 04:36 AM
2 Replies and 146 Views Latest .dat file is Nov 2018 (7 mo old) - not Monthly?  146  2 Started by  rmariotti01 I just updated my Nuget packages to v3.2.22.1 (mobi-core), v3.2.18.11 (mobi-data) and v3.2.21.1 (mobi-web), but these latest packages were updated 7 months ago 'Date published 11/13/18'. Is this the proper way to manually update my Lite 51Degrees.dat file (via nuget) Or is there a download .dat somewhere that didn't show in my research Thanks for the guidance! R. Mariotti
2 146
by  rmariotti01Jump to last post
20 Jun 2019 01:13 AM
1 Replies and 148 Views warning - source file c:\....a.jpg generate exception the file: C:\...\app_data\Cache..... already exists  148  1 Started by  Daniel_ I've getting a lot of these errors - not sure what causing them. seems like trying to create a cached version of the source file fails since the cached version already exists. What does it means how to fix this
1 148
by  JoshGrewJump to last post
29 Apr 2019 09:31 AM
3 Replies and 224 Views UriFormatException  224  3 Started by  Lukasz Kalita Hello, We are using Your library FiftyOne.Foundation v in our MVC project (.Net 4.6.1). Can You please help us figure out what might cause following exception We tried to put exceptions filters(FilterAttribute, IExceptionFilter) and also log stuff in Application_Error method in Global.asax but nothing catches that error. Any ideas how to reproduce it Exception type: UriFormatException Exception message: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed. at System.U...
3 224
by  JoshGrewJump to last post
17 Apr 2019 08:52 AM
8 Replies and 1417 Views Azure - WinIOError    1417  8 Started by  Marshalls UK Hi We have some MVC sites hosted in Azure and several times over the last few months the sites have thrown exceptions for specific devices. For example, the latest issue meant that the site was visible for desktop and iOS browsers but when viewing on an Android device the site never loads and an ASP.NET error page is displayed (error below). This bypasses the custom error pages we have set up, so the customer sees the full error. Restarting the web app resolves the issue. We are using 5...
8 1417
by  JoshGrewJump to last post
03 Apr 2019 10:39 AM
1 Replies and 457 Views Generate 51Degrees.dat on app start?  457  1 Started by  rmariotti01 51Degrees Support, I have a ASP.NET app (4.6.1) and i installed via NuGet the 51Degrees.mobi-web ( I see this created all the necessary files, including the 80MB 51Degrees.dat file in the root of App_Data. GIT has detected all these files but I'd like to NOT store the large 51Degrees.dat file in GIT and instead have .NET regenerate/download this file if it detects it missing (LITE). Is this feasible What is the recommendation for source control when using 51Degrees I...
1 457
by  JoshGrewJump to last post
04 Oct 2018 08:15 AM
3 Replies and 1065 Views Warn Error : Could not find a part of the path App_Data\51Degrees  1065  3 Started by  dev dev Hi, I'm currently evaluating 51Degrees in a C ASP.NET MVC application. With the version 3.2.19, and the configuration <detection binaryFilePath='~/App_Data/51Degrees.dat'..., the following message appears in the log file : Warn - Could not find a part of the path '...\App_Data\51Degrees' à System.IO.FileSystemEnumerableIterator`1.CommonInit() à System.IO.FileSystemEnumerableIterator`1..ctor(String path, String originalUserPath, String searchPattern, SearchOption searchO...
3 1065
by  Joseph DixJump to last post
28 Mar 2018 01:09 PM
2 Replies and 716 Views (Closed) Integrating with Kentico 10 externally  716  2 Started by  Mike2Karl Hello, My first time posting, I apologise if in the incorrect place. We are using Kentico 10 (v10.0.8) as our content management system(https://www.kentico.com/) on windows server 2008r2. Kentico 10 has 51Degrees integration and is using the following dll: FiftyOne.Foundation.dll, version We are first going to try using the on premise lite version, via the following 51Degrees-LiteV3.2.dat. However our hosting is in a medium trust environment, instead of the r...
2 716
by  Joseph DixJump to last post
06 Nov 2017 10:25 AM
4 Replies and 736 Views (Resolved) Detection not working on MVC pages, works fine with WebForms  736  4 Started by  Richard Hopwood Hi, I could really do with some help here. Our applications have used the payed for 51 degrees successfully for many years. We use the DetectorModule and web config rules to direct mobile visitors to our desktop site over to our mobile specific site. We are in the process of migrating from WebForms over to MVC and now have a hybrid application where some pages are MVC whilst other are still Webforms. The problem we are having is that on the MVC pages the detection rules a...
4 736
by  Richard HopwoodJump to last post
17 Oct 2017 03:12 PM
2 Replies and 903 Views Source Control and .dat file  903  2 Started by  Zach Wenta Currently, we have the 51Degrees.mobi-Premium.dat file stored in our source control. It weighs in at 212mb. When we are running the project from our dev machines, we on occasion get updates to this file and then that new version gets merged into Source Control. Ideally, I'd like to not keep this in my SC and instead have the first time we load the site, get the latest version of the .DAT file. Same for my production servers. Is there a way to keep this out of SC and instead pull the fil...
2 903
by  Joseph DixJump to last post
06 Oct 2017 01:21 PM
2 Replies and 712 Views detection  712  2 Started by  svfox I have added a new website on my server and the website does not redirect the mobile phone on the first page load. But there is a submit button that when pressed comes back redirected to my mobile page. Tablets work fine only the mobile phones are not initially loading the mobile page. I use the plain code and keep it simple. I have tried if (Boolean.Parse(Request.Browser&91;'IsMobile'&93;)) Response.Redirect('www.unscramble.com//mob.aspx'); if (Boolean...
2 712
by  svfoxJump to last post
03 Aug 2017 08:33 AM
1 Replies and 1789 Views (Closed) Multiple Locations Doesn't Work  1789  1 Started by  markmanxp I'm trying to get the website to redirect a mobile device to a specific mobile version of the site dependent on my query string. Here's the block of code in 51Degrees.config. <code> <redirect firstRequestOnly='false' mobileHomePageUrl='http://m.msyite.com' timeout='20' devicesFile='~/App_Data/Devices.dat'> <locations> <!--Send mobile to an equivalent version of the original page preserving the pa...
1 1789
by  Joseph DixJump to last post
28 Apr 2017 10:05 AM
3 Replies and 934 Views (Closed) Issue with autoupdate feature  934  3 Started by  Sigbjørn Rivelsrud We've experienced some issues with the autoupdate feature. It's failing with the following eror: 2017-02-15T02:42:50.9564755Z - 8104 - Warn - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 2017-02-15T02:42:50.9564755Z - 8104 - Warn - at FiftyOne.Foundation.Mobile.Detection.AutoUpdate.DownloadFile(FileInfo binaryFile, FileInfo compressedTempFile, WebClient client, Uri fullUrl) at FiftyOne.Foundation.Mobile.Detection.AutoUpdate.Download(IList`1 licenceKeys, FileIn...
3 934
by  Joseph DixJump to last post
29 Mar 2017 03:30 PM
5 Replies and 949 Views (CLOSED) v3.2.14.3 DLL Website Enhancer  949  5 Started by  HAMBS App Admin Hi, The format of the 51 Degrees DLL Website Enhancer download appears very different in v3.2.14.3. I'm looking for a FiftyOne.Foundation.dll file as per v3.2.13.5, but that file is not in the Website Enhancer package - the entire package appears very different to previous versions. Can someone assist me
5 949
by  Joseph DixJump to last post
21 Mar 2017 05:13 PM
1 Replies and 691 Views (Closed) A lot of errors in the elmah  691  1 Started by  Juan Barberio Hi, I have a lot of errors in the ELMAH with this subject: System.InvalidOperationException: Data Set has been disposed and can't be used for match Generated: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 19:50:45 GMT System.InvalidOperationException: Data Set has been disposed and can't be used for match at FiftyOne.Foundation.Mobile.Detection.Controller.Match(Match match) at FiftyOne.Foundation.Mobile.Detection.Provider.MatchNoCache(String targetUserAgent, Match match) at Fift...
1 691
by  Joseph DixJump to last post
20 Feb 2017 03:05 PM
2 Replies and 1205 Views (Closed) Error on live server, works fine locally    1205  2 Started by  ahwm So I'm running more of a 'proof-of-concept' MVC solution to see if this will do what we need it to do. When I run locally it works fine. I used this guide: https://51degrees.com/Support/Documentation/APIs/NET-V32/Web-Apps/MVC But when I run it on the server, I get this error: Cannot perform runtime binding on a null reference. I made sure the application pool had access to App_Data, made sure the data file was there, and set the Log Level to 'Debug' but to no avail (no logs are wri...
2 1205
by  Joseph DixJump to last post
25 Jan 2017 05:14 PM
1 Replies and 833 Views (Solved) Production and test servers revisited    833  1 Started by  Bill Hebb Hi: Running 51mobi lite on IIS. Worked very fine on development box, pushed up to the production server and nothing works. Set the config to debug, but the log.txt file never changes - but it does on the development server. Also never generates a tmp file, but does on the development server. Sounds like a rights issue to me, but to whom do I grant the write right - if that is what I need to do... Thanks in advance, Bill
1 833
by  Joseph DixJump to last post
02 Dec 2016 03:15 PM
1 Replies and 1111 Views (Closed) Potential for use from SQL Server against existing logged user agent strings?    1111  1 Started by  MandyShaw Need a device detection solution to run from SQL Server 2008 R2 against logged user agent strings stored in the database. I am thinking that the 51Degrees .Net library a CLR stored procedure might do the job. Can anyone advise whether you think this feasible please. Obviously I am assuming that the library provides a low level API to parse an existing user agent - I don't need any of the redirection etc. Thanks.
1 1111
by  Ben ShillitoJump to last post
30 Aug 2016 01:32 PM
2 Replies and 1024 Views Build Errors - FiftyOne.Foundation SQL.sqlproj  1024  2 Started by  DCA When attempting to build the FiftyOne.Foundation SQL.sqlproj project from FoundationV3, the following errors are thrown. 1) Error: CS2001: Source file 'Mobile\Detection\Entities\Stream\Source.cs' could not be found 2) Error: CS2001: Source file 'Mobile\Detection\Entities\IntegerEntity.cs' could not be found 3) Error: CS2001: Source file 'Mobile\Detection\IFixedList.cs' could not be found Is there another location where I may obtain the three (3) source files needed for a successful ...
2 1024
by  DCAJump to last post
08 Apr 2016 04:39 PM
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