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Migrating to 51Degrees from DeviceAtlas

DeviceAtlas > 51Degrees

List of DeviceAtlas Properties and their 51Degrees Property equivalent for all API variants. For WURFL see this guide.

51Degrees Property DeviceAtlas Property
HardwareVendor vendor
HardwareModel model
HardwareName marketingName
OEM manufacturer
ReleaseYear yearReleased
IsMobile mobileDevice
DeviceType primaryHardwareType
HasTouchScreen touchScreen
ScreenPixelsWidth displayWidth
ScreenPixelsHeight displayheight
ScreenInchesDiagonal diagonalScreenSize
Derived from ScreenPixels* and ScreenInches* displayPpi
BitsPerPixel displayColorDepth
HasNFC nfc
HasCamera camera
IsMobile isMobilePhone
IsTablet isTablet
IsEReader isEReader
IsConsole isGamesConsole
IsTv isTV
  • osName
  • osAndroid
  • osBada
  • osiOs
  • osRim
  • osSymbian
  • osWindowsMobile
  • osWindowsPhone
  • osWindowsRt
  • osWebOs
  • osProprietary
  • developerPlatform
  • osVersion
  • developerPlatformVersion
BrowserName browserName
BrowserVersion browserVersion
LayoutEngine browserRenderingEngine
ScreenPixelsWidth usableDisplayWidth
ScreenPixelsHeight usableDisplayheight
CookiesCapable cookieSupport
SupportsTls/Ssl https
HtmlVersion markupSupport
Javascript js.supportBasicJavaScript
JavascriptCanManipulateDOM js.modifyDom
JavascriptCanManipulateCSS js.modifyCss
JavascriptSupportsEvents js.supportEvents
JavascriptSupportsEventListener js.supportEventListener
Xhr2 js.xhr
Json js.json
CssCanvas html.canvas
Svg html.svg
Video html.video
CssColumn css.columns
CssTransforms css.transforms
CssTransitions css.transitions
GeoLocation js.geoLocation
IndexedDB js.indexedDB
WebWorkers js.webWorkers
  • js.deviceOrientation
  • js.deviceMotion
TouchEvents js.touchEvents
Selector js.querySelector
  • stream.*
  • wmv
  • qcelp*
  • 3gp.*
  • mp4.*
  • midi*
  • amr
  • mp3
  • aac
MIDP midp
CLDC cldc
jQueryMobileSupport jqm