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ServiceTick are the leading solution for IVR, web, email and SMS surveys in the UK. They break down the traditional barriers between web, branch and call centres by generating immediate and actionable multi-channel customer feedback.

Their SessionCam product is a feature rich solution for recording and then replaying exactly what customers or website visitors are doing on each page of a website during their session. Each webpage is recorded, including every scroll, mouse click and data entered.


Recently ServiceTick’s CTO, Richard Churchill had been looking to enhance the SessionCam mobile interface. Their previous solution limited monitoring to different browsers and operating systems. There was also a gap in the device data returned and inconsistencies in the results.


To accommodate the poor device information, Richard started comprising a list of suppliers that providing a complete data set and solution. After assessing the competitors, Richard found 51Degrees.mobi’s Device Detection.

After installing the free Lite data product Richard tested devices with obscure user agent s that had previously caused problems. 51Degrees.mobi was able to detect everything correctly and allowed SessionCam to change the way it perceived each device.

ServiceTick use auto scaling clusters from Amazon Web Services to be able to handle a huge amount of connections. It was important for 51Degrees.mobi to be able to scale horizontally in an auto scaling environment and not impose a limitation on the systems operations or capacity management.

“SessionCam supports 10's of millions of connections so when it needs to scale up it needs to be able to respond as quickly as possible. The enterprise licence has allowed us to deploy 51 Degrees in the right way for us to be able to scale correctly.”


51Degrees.mobi has vastly improved the data quality of SessionCam’s device detection capability improving both user experience and depth of analysis.

It has also given SessionCam the ability to update far more frequently than could be achieved in the past. This has allowed ServiceTick to save a lot of time and money; rather than forcing them to invest in solving this issue themselves. Richard stated “A critical component was the weekly automated updates. Having the data file updated via 51 Degrees update process direct to our cloud solution gave us the ability to support new devices so we can focus on new features."

About 51Degrees

51Degrees was founded in 2009 by James Rosewell and is the home of THE fastest and most accurate Device Detection software commercially available. Originating from the 51Degrees Open Source Foundation project, over 1,500,000 websites now use 51Degrees to detect mobile devices and redirect initial requests to a mobile friendly home page optimized for the user.

The company serves many of the world’s leading brands including Unilever, EBay, Microsoft, IBM, Hyundai and T-Mobile, and as well as its flagship device detection software, the product portfolio spans responsive web design tools, image optimization and enhanced analytics.

Based in Reading, UK, the company name originated from its geographical latitude at 51 Degrees. Since launching the company in 2009 51Degrees has expanded rapidly and its software is deployed in over 200 countries across every continent around the world.