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KITSAP Credit Union

Kitsap Credit UnionKitsap Credit Union is a US-based cooperative financial institution that manages almost a billion dollars from its base in the state of Washington.

The credit union had been receiving increasing requests from members for mobile banking capabilities, which most larger banks and credit unions offered. In the summer of 2011, as part of the union’s ongoing commitment to its customers, it began looking at ways to enable this.

Kitsap Credit Union wanted a positive mobile banking experience for all customers. This meant creating an attractive, functioning landing page for all online customers, regardless of the mobile device they were using to view the site, as well as developing applications for the most popular types of smartphone.


Whilst the existing Kitsap Credit Union website was redirecting to a mobile site, there were huge variations between customer experiences when it was accessed by a mobile device. A great deal of work was required to create a seamless experience for the increasing numbers of customers accessing the site via a mobile device.

In the month before the 51Degrees.mobi solution was implemented, there were over 72,000 Android views and over 43,000 iPhone views of the public site and a total increase in mobile devices viewing the site of 3,200% on the previous year.

Due to the main website being designed and built to run on a PC interface, the site was too large and difficult to navigate on a mobile phone.


As the ebusiness department began to research options available, 51Degrees.mobi stood out as the go-to provider of device detection and web optimisation technologies. However, there were a number of issues Kitsap needed to ensure the solution addressed their needs before it could be implemented, including the high security needs demanded by financial services institutions.

Jeff Wells, eBusiness Manager at Kitsap Credit Union had web developer Melvin Manzano take the 51Degrees.mobi framework solution in-house to run some trials.  They were impressed with the simulations they were able to carry out.

"The technology enabled our website to detect any mobile devices or browsers, and enhance the information available optimising the site for the device viewing it."


The team has transformed the experience for customers viewing the Kitsap Credit Union website with compelling results: 

  • A 12% decrease in calls to the contact centre
  • A 35% increase in customers viewing the site on mobile devices
  • A significant positive response in customer satisfaction
  • 2500 downloads of the web applications in less than 30 days!

About 51Degrees

51Degrees was founded in 2009 by James Rosewell and is the home of THE fastest and most accurate Device Detection software commercially available. Originating from the 51Degrees Open Source Foundation project, over 1,500,000 websites now use 51Degrees to detect mobile devices and redirect initial requests to a mobile friendly home page optimized for the user.

The company serves many of the world’s leading brands including Unilever, EBay, Microsoft, IBM, Hyundai and T-Mobile, and as well as its flagship device detection software, the product portfolio spans responsive web design tools, image optimization and enhanced analytics.

Based in Reading, UK, the company name originated from its geographical latitude at 51 Degrees. Since launching the company in 2009 51Degrees has expanded rapidly and its software is deployed in over 200 countries across every continent around the world.