Case study Nami Media

From their Los Angeles base, NamiMedia provides enterprise-class advertising solutions that control traffic quality and maximise revenue to an international market. Each day billions of ad queries are received resulting in over 25 million clicks.


NamiMedia needs to differentiate between mobile phones, tablets, and larger screen devices. The existing solution was not meeting these needs prompting a fresh review of the device detection market. Three key assessment factors were established.

  1. A device library containing a comprehensive set of device properties.
  2. The device matching algorithm designed to provide very high accuracy.
  3. With billions of ad queries a day the solution needs to scale to support future growth as well as existing demand.

Various solutions were considered. Daniel Frank, Developer Manager, at Nami Media said “The stress tests gave out before 51Degrees did!”


6 servers running 51Degrees C API and device database connects to the rest of the environment via Zero MQ and Perl. Other servers receive device User Agent details, and then check a small local cache of common devices, before calling the device detection servers.

All traffic can be analysed to gain insight into ad performance improving effective revenue per query and Click Through Rates (CTR). Filters more granular than tablet and mobile can be built based on device attributes such as physical screen size, and can be associated with the extensive quality database NamiMedia has built from its evaluation of queries and clicks.

Brand Change

In 2014 NamiMedia were absorbed into the Lin Digital brand owned by Lin Media. Lin Media operate a portfolio of mobile products including apps and web sites providing access to relevant multi screen content. They operate or service 43 television stations and 7 digitial channels in 23 U.S. markets.