Case study Degrees 53 / Betfred

Privately owned, Degree 53 was established in 2013 and has since grown rapidly to 50 employees.

Starting out as Betfred’s Mobile development team it has separated out and diversified into new industries.

Now it works with leading brands, family businesses and fast-growing start-ups in online gaming, affiliates, sports, financial services, ticketing and education to deliver premium digital products.

Device detection is key to content adaptation

Previous Situation

Before using 51Degrees, Degree 53 was using another device detection solution that was not entirely reliable and updates did not contain all new device and operating system details.

The incumbent solution did not offer new users on Android the correct content. This resulted in loss of vital revenue.

Device data ages quickly and Degree 53 needed a solution that would be as up to date as possible to ensure that its customers were getting an immersive, seamless gaming experience.

51Degrees detects more than 290,000 unique combinations of browser, operating system and hardware across a database of 26,000 devices that is growing by 200 new device models every week. Essentially, if any smartphone or tablet hit any of the gaming sites, chances are 51Degrees will accurately detect it.

Content Adaptation

Degree 53 uses device detection for its content adaptation across a number of gaming sites including Betfred, Totesport and for Kerching. The process of content adaption is crucial to Degree 53 to ensure that the customer experience is at optimum level no matter which device is accessing the site.

Degree 53 appreciates the importance of this and invests in a constant testing and monitoring programme to continuously refine content based on feedback and results. 51Degrees device detection solution was a vital element of the testing programme to guarantee the correct content is delivered.

Getting the Right Content

On Betfred.Mobi, Horse Racing is streamed live, as well as archived, for those who have placed bets and wish to track the race.

Using device detection ensures that this content is delivered only to devices that are capable of viewing high quality video content; for those models that are not able to sufficiently view videos, the video player is hidden and appropriate messaging and updates are displayed to ensure an enjoyable customer experience.

The quality at which video content is delivered is vital because buffering content frustrates users.


Android App downloads are into the hundreds of thousands. Since the smooth implementation of 51Degrees solution mid-2014, Degree 53 can now ensure client satisfaction and meet the demands of customers on the gaming sites. Due to the fast and accurate nature of 51Degrees product, they are up to date with the latest handsets and versions which has a direct impact on the business taking transactions.

Since the implementation of 51Degrees, there have been no discrepancies with transactions and Degree 53 continues to use the product to help deliver profitable, market leading immersive gaming experiences.

Android Challenges Solved and Loss of Revenue Reduced

Android users who previously were not getting the same user experience as those on other operating systems now can thanks to accurate and up to date device detection. The major Android market place for Apps, Google Play, does not list gaming Apps.

With 51Degrees device detection in place, the level of granularity available allowed Betfred to offer the same accessibility to Android Apps as those using other operating systems; it did this by creating an area on the Betfred website where Android users could download appropriate Apps. This solved the accessibility issue and minimised a loss of revenue.

The ability to deliver Android Apps outside the Google Play Store is a competitive advantage Richard WagstaffHead of Production, Degree53
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