51degrees adtech focused patent granted

Benjamin CB

5/15/2019 3:36 PM

51Degrees AdTech Focused Patent Granted

AdTech players now have a fast, free and future proof device detection solution

51Degrees' sub-microsecond device detection solution is granted a European patent, further adding to our established portfolio.



8/1/2017 2:33 PM

51Degrees Speeds Up Programmatic Advertising. Again.

How Adtech players can benefit from 51Degrees' new enhanced device intelligence solution.

51Degrees, the #1 device intelligence specialist, today announces the open trial of its new device detection algorithm. Delivering performance improvements with faster detections per second and reduced memory requirements compared to other high-performance algorithms, this achievement cements 51Degrees' position as the leading device intelligence provider.



2/27/2017 11:33 AM

51Degrees is the First Device Detection Solution to Reach 600,000 Combinations.

Device detection databases only provide useful insight if they contain up-to-date combinations of hardware models, operating systems and web browsers. “Device Combinations” is the principle metric used to measure accuracy and breadth. 51Degrees contains over 600,000 currently active and unique permutations of device, OS and browser indexed for web, native apps and telecoms operators



11/23/2015 3:57 PM

Looking at the HTC One A9

HTC making a comeback into the Smartphone Market?

This week we will be looking at the new HTC One A9 released earlier this month.


Data Team

9/19/2014 2:22 PM

TechPitch 4.5 Event- Learn From Others Mistakes

James Rosewell to give Keynote

James Rosewell, founder and CEO of 51Degrees will be sharing his knowledge about often unrevealed areas that have an impact on a start-ups success or failure. If this subject is of interest to you, you should come and meet James at this occasion.

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8/28/2014 3:13 PM

Device Detection Selection Criteria

Ensure your customer's device doesn't get in the way of your brand experience

Integrating Device Detection into your web site is more urgent than ever. Data suggests that we are close to seeing a third of all requests originate from mobile devices which means that no organisation can afford to offer a negative mobile or tablet experience anymore. This article will help you understand what to look for in a device detection solution and provide a 13 point checklist to help you pick the right solution for your business.


Data Team

9/13/2013 11:21 AM Exhibits At IBC 2013

The TV industry's premier annual event is kicking off in Amsterdam today. IBC 2013 (International Broadcasting Convention) attracts over 50,000 attendees from over 160 countries around the world. Come and visit!


Products Team

8/19/2013 2:27 PM

Google Developing Child Internet Controls For Chrome

Mobile Web Weekly News Roundup

Plus Amazon's Silk browser updated and Yahoo! release new Chrome toolbar


Products Team

7/29/2013 10:31 AM

eBay Add More Than 3 Million New Customers Through Mobile

Plus Microsoft release Internet Explorer Windows 7 developer preview and Wikipedia launch support for editing content on mobile devices.

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Products Team

6/11/2013 4:45 PM

James Rosewell to speak at the CMA Annual Conference

The CMA Annual Conference 2013 will be hosting talks and discussions around the topic of harnessing the digital economy.

This year James Rosewell, Founder and CEO of 51Degrees will be one of 3 innovative SME speakers to discuss how their businesses have allowed other companies to become successful in the digital landscape.