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  • Device Detection

    Device Detection

    Device detection from 51Degrees is proven to be THE most accurate and fastest available. 99.9% accurate, sub 1ms detection times and used on >1.5m web sites.
  • Cloud Device Detection

    Cloud Device Detection

    51Degrees extends device detection services to the cloud. Cloud device detection is essential to delivering an optimised web experience and effectively monetising websites.Free and Premium solutions for professionals and small businesses.
  • Image Optimiser

    Image Optimiser

    51Degrees solves the problem of image optimisation by precisely sizing a single master hi resolution personalised image to ensure the minimum amount of data is sent to the device increasing page performance and improving user experience.
  • Enhanced Web Site Analysis

    Enhanced Web Site Analysis

    Many web site analysis solutions lose physical screen size data and other important attributes when they aggregate reports by mobile, tablet or desktop. 51Degrees Enhanced Analytics provides this missing information, along with other key insights about the device such as it's retail price, who makes it and how quickly your pages are displayed to your users.
  • Performance Monitoring

    Performance Monitoring

    With 51Degrees Performance Monitoring tools you'll know in detail how your web site is performing. Not only can you track individual connection speeds and bandwidth rates, you can also monitor page response times, by device, by browser and by screen size.
  • REsponsive web design - Server Side (RESS)

    REsponsive web design - Server Side (RESS)

    Responsive Web Design (RWD) performed server side, often termed REsponsive Server Side (RESS), provides significant benefits over pure client side only RWD.
  • Online Store

    Online Store

    Purchase 51Degrees device data subscriptions and other products and services.
  • Download Enhanced Data

    Download Enhanced Data

    Links to download the latest 51Degrees device data.
  • Downloads


    Downloads of 51Degrees device detection APIs and data files.