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pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_core.fiftyone_pipeline_core.jsonbundler.JSONBundlerElement Class Reference

Detailed Description

The JSONBundler aggregates all properties from FlowElements into a JSON object It is used for retrieving via an endpoint from the client side via the JavaScriptBuilder and also used inside the JavaScriptBuilder itself to pass properties to the client side.

Both this and the JavaScriptBuilder element are automatically added to a Pipeline unless specifically ommited in the PipelineBuilder

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Public Member Functions

def  __init__ (self)
List of Pipelines the FlowElement has been added to. More...
def  process_internal (self, flowdata)
The JSONBundler extracts all properties from a FlowData and serializes them into JSON @type flowdata: FlowData. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_core.fiftyone_pipeline_core.flowelement.FlowElement

def  process (self, flowdata)
Function for getting the FlowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter Used by the filterEvidence method. More...
def  on_registration (self, pipeline)
Function called when an element is added to the pipeline. More...
def  get_evidence_key_filter (self)
Filter FlowData evidence using the FlowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter. More...
def  filter_evidence (self, flowdata)
Filter FlowData evidence using the FlowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter. More...
def  filter_evidence_key (self, key)
Filter FlowData.evidence using the flowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter with the property key of evidence of interest. More...
def  get_properties (self)
Get the FlowElement.properties of a FlowElement. More...

Public Attributes


Public Attributes inherited from pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_core.fiftyone_pipeline_core.flowelement.FlowElement


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