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pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.tests.test_engines.ExampleAspectEngine Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def  __init__ (self)
def  get_evidence_key_filter (self)
def  process_internal (self, flowdata)

Public Member Functions inherited from pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.engine.Engine

def  __init__ (self, data_file=None)
Constructor for an engine. More...
def  set_cache (self, cache)
Add a cache to an engine @type cashe: Cache. More...
def  set_restricted_properties (self, properties_list)
Add a subset of properties. More...
def  in_cache (self, flowdata)
A method to check if a flowdata's evidence is in the cache. More...
def  refresh (self, identifier)
def  process (self, flowdata)
Engine's core process function. More...
def  on_registration (self, pipeline)
Called when an engine is registered with a pipeline and if there is a data file, a data file update service is attached to the parent pipeline. More...
def  register_data_file (self, data_file)
Register a data_file of the DataFile class with the engine @type data_file: DataFile. More...

Public Attributes


Public Attributes inherited from pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.engine.Engine