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pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_core.examples.client_side_evidence_custom_flow_element.AstrologyFlowElement Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def  __init__ (self)
List of Pipelines the FlowElement has been added to. More...
def  process_internal (self, flowdata)
The method behind FlowElement.Process - it is called by the process() function. More...
def  get_evidence_key_filter (self)

Public Member Functions inherited from pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_core.fiftyone_pipeline_core.flowelement.FlowElement

def  process (self, flowdata)
Function for getting the FlowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter Used by the filterEvidence method. More...
def  on_registration (self, pipeline)
Function called when an element is added to the pipeline. More...
def  filter_evidence (self, flowdata)
Filter FlowData evidence using the FlowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter. More...
def  filter_evidence_key (self, key)
Filter FlowData.evidence using the flowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter with the property key of evidence of interest. More...
def  get_properties (self)
Get the FlowElement.properties of a FlowElement. More...

Public Attributes


Public Attributes inherited from pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_core.fiftyone_pipeline_core.flowelement.FlowElement


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

◆ process_internal()

def pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_core.examples.client_side_evidence_custom_flow_element.AstrologyFlowElement.process_internal (   self,

The method behind FlowElement.Process - it is called by the process() function.

It is usually overridden by specific flowElements to do their core work.

@type flowdata: FlowData

flowdata - FlowData to be processed

@rtype: bool

: Returns True

Reimplemented from pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_core.fiftyone_pipeline_core.flowelement.FlowElement.