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pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.engine.Engine Class Reference

Detailed Description

An engine is an extension of the FlowElement class that adds extra functionality.

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Public Member Functions

def  __init__ (self)
def  set_cache (self, cache)
Add a cache to an engine @type casee: Cache. More...
def  set_restricted_properties (self, properties_list)
Add a subset of properties. More...
def  in_cache (self, flowData)
A method to check if a flowData's evidence is in the cache. More...
def  process (self, flowdata)
Engine's core process function. More...

Public Attributes


Member Function Documentation

◆ in_cache()

def pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.engine.Engine.in_cache (   self,

A method to check if a flowData's evidence is in the cache.

@type FlowData: FlowData

FlowData - @rtype: bool
: True or false: a flowData's evidence is in the cache

◆ process()

def pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.engine.Engine.process (   self,

Engine's core process function.

Calls specific overriden processInternal methods but wraps it in a cache check and a cache put

@type flowdata: FlowData

flowData -

◆ set_cache()

def pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.engine.Engine.set_cache (   self,

Add a cache to an engine @type casee: Cache.

cache - Cache with get and set methods

◆ set_restricted_properties()

def pipeline-python.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.fiftyone_pipeline_engines.engine.Engine.set_restricted_properties (   self,

Add a subset of properties.

@type properties_list: string[]

properties_list - An array of properties to include