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This project contains the core source code for the PHP implementation of the 51Degrees Pipeline API.

The Pipeline is a generic micro-services aggregation solution with the ability to add a range of 51Degrees and/or custom plug ins (Engines)


To run the examples, you first need to install dependencies. Navigate to the repository root and execute:

composer install

This will create the vendor directory containing autoload.php. Now navigate to the examples directory and start a PHP server with the relevant file. For example:

PHP -S localhost:3000 customFlowElement.php

This will start a local web server listening on port 3000. Open your web browser and browse to http://localhost:3000/ to see the example in action.


To run the tests in this repository, make sure PHPUnit is installed then, in the root of this repo, call:

phpunit --log-junit test-results.xml