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fiftyone\pipeline\core\BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter Class Reference

Detailed Description

An instance of EvidenceKeyFilter that uses a simple array of keys Evidence not using these keys is filtered out.


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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($list)
 filterEvidenceKey ($key)

Public Member Functions inherited from fiftyone\pipeline\core\EvidenceKeyFilter

 filterEvidence ($evidenceKeyObject)
filterevidence from an object More...
 filterEvidenceKey ($key)
see if a property key should be in the filtered evidence More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

fiftyone\pipeline\core\BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter::__construct (   $list )
mixed[] - an array of keys to keep

Member Function Documentation

◆ filterEvidenceKey()

fiftyone\pipeline\core\BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter::filterEvidenceKey (   $key )
string - key to check in the filter
boolean is this key in the filter's keys list?