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BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter Class Reference

Detailed Description

An instance of evidenceKeyFilter that uses a simple array of keys Evidence not using these keys is filtered out.

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Public Member Functions

 constructor (list)
constructor for basicListEvidenceKeyFilter More...
 filterEvidenceKey (key)
Check if a specific evidence key should be filtered. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from EvidenceKeyFilter

 filterEvidence (evidenceKeyObject)
Filter an evidence object. More...
 filterEvidenceKey (key)
Internal filterEvidenceKey function overriden by specific filters to keep or filter out a piece of evidence. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter::constructor (   list )

constructor for basicListEvidenceKeyFilter

{Array} - list items to keep when filtering

◆ filterEvidenceKey()

BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter::filterEvidenceKey (   key )

Check if a specific evidence key should be filtered.

{string} - key to check in the filter
{boolean} is this key in the filter's keys list?