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51Degrees Pipeline for Node.js


51Degrees Node Pipeline

Developer Documentation


This repository contains the components of the Node.JS implementation of the 51Degrees Pipeline API.

The Pipeline is a generic web request intelligence and data processing solution with the ability to add a range of 51Degrees and/or custom plug ins (Engines)


This repository produces 5 modules:

  • fiftyone.pipeline.core - Defines the essential components of the Pipeline API such as 'flow elements', 'flow data' and 'evidence'
  • fiftyone.pipeline.engines - Functionality for a specialized type of flow element called an engine.
  • fiftyone.pipeline.engines.fiftyone - Functionality specific to 51Degrees engines.
  • fiftyone.pipeline.cloudrequestengine - An engine used to make requests to the 51Degrees cloud service.
  • fiftyone.pipeline.javascriptbundler - A flow element used to bundle together and minify multiple JavaScript snippets.


The modules in this repository are available on the node package manager:

npm i fiftyone.pipeline.core
npm i fiftyone.pipeline.engines
npm i fiftyone.pipeline.engines.fiftyone
npm i fiftyone.pipeline.cloudrequestengine
npm i fiftyone.pipeline.javascriptbundler

They can also be installed from this repository by running:

npm i <path to module>


Most modules include some automated tests. To run these, make sure jest is installed:

npm install jest --global

Then, navigate to the module directory and execute:

npm test


There are several examples available:

  • examples/pipelines.js - Demonstrates several different types of flow element and how to add them to a pipeline.
  • examples/caching.js - Demonstrates a custom cache that makes use of the result caching feature that engines provide.
  • examples/customFlowElements/1-simpleEvidenceFlowElement.js - Demonstrates how to create a custom flow element that takes some evidence (birthdate) and returns something related to that evidence (star sign)
  • examples/customFlowElements/2-onPremiseFlowElement.js - Demonstrates how to modify the flow element from the 'simple evidence' example to use a data file to determine star sign rather than a hard-coded table.
  • examples/customFlowelements/3-clientSideEvidenceFlowElement.js - Demonstrates how to modify the flow element from the 'simple evidence' example to gather evidence from code running on the client device (i.e. JavaScript).