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fiftyone.common.wrappers.io.FileWrapperMemory Class Reference

Detailed Description

In memory implementation of the FileWrapperFactory.

This is only used for tests, where it makes more sense to write things to memory rather than writing to the actual file system.

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Public Member Functions

 FileWrapperMemory ()
Construct a new empty FileWrapper instance.
BinaryWriter  getWriter () throws IOException
Get a BinaryWriter for this file, positioned at the first byte. More...
BinaryReader  getReader () throws IOException
Get a BinaryReader for this file, positioned at the first byte. More...
long  getLastModified ()
Get the time the file was last modified. More...
String  getPath ()
Get the path to the data file. More...
boolean  exists ()
void  delete ()

Protected Attributes

ByteArrayOutputStream  outputStream
Stream containing the data for the data file in memory.

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