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This repository contains all the projects required to build the Java implementation of the 51Degrees Pipeline API. Individual engines (For example, device detection) may be in separate repositories.

Reference documentation for the Java implementation can be found in the GitHub pages site associated with this repository.


Java 7 JDK or later and Maven 2.


  • pipeline.common - Some shared library classes.
  • pipeline.caching - 51Degrees' caching interfaces and high-performance LRU implementation.
  • pipeline.core - The core software that comprises the Pipeline API.
  • pipeline.engines - Shared functionality that is available to all 'engines' (specialized 'flow elements')
  • pipeline.engines.fiftyone - Functionality that is specific to 51Degrees engines.
  • pipeline.cloudrequestengine - An engine that is used to retrieve data from 51Degrees' cloud API.


Packages can be found on Maven under the group com.51degrees.

Alternatively clone this git repository and in the root run mvn install to build and install the packages locally.


Most packages contain tests which use junit and mockito. These tests can be run using maven by calling: mvn test


Examples are located in the examples/ folder.

  • examples/pipeline.developer-examples.flowelement - Shows how to create a custom flow element that returns star sign based on a supplied date of birth.
  • examples/pipeline.developer-examples.onpremise-engine - Shows how to modify SimpleFlowElement to make use of the 'engine' functionality and use a custom data file to map dates to star signs rather than relying on hard coded data.
  • examples/pipeline.developer-examples.clientside-element - Shows how to modify SimpleFlowElement to request the data of birth from the user using client-side JavaScript.
  • examples/pipeline.developer-examples.clientside-element-mvc - An example project showing how to use the code from SimpleClientSideElement in a Java web application using the Model-View-Controller Pattern.
  • examples/pipeline.developer-examples.cloud-engine - Shows how to modify SimpleFlowElement to perform the star sign lookup via a cloud service rather than locally.