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fiftyone.pipeline.core.data.DataKeyBuilder Interface Reference

Detailed Description

Public builder for the DataKey class.

Inheritance diagram for fiftyone.pipeline.core.data.DataKeyBuilder:


Public Member Functions

DataKeyBuilder  add (int order, String keyName, Object keyValue)
Add a key value pair to the data key. More...
DataKey  build ()
Build a new instance of DataKey from the key value pairs added to this builder. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

DataKeyBuilder fiftyone.pipeline.core.data.DataKeyBuilder.add ( int   order,
String   keyName,
Object   keyValue  

Add a key value pair to the data key.

order - the order of importance of the key value pair
keyName - the key
keyValue - the value
this builder

Implemented in fiftyone.pipeline.core.data.DataKeyBuilderDefault.