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FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.FiftyOne.FlowElements.FiftyOnePipelineBuilder Class Reference

Detailed Description

Pipeline builder class that allows the 51Degrees share usage element to be enabled/disabled.

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Public Member Functions

 FiftyOnePipelineBuilder ()
Default constructor More...
 FiftyOnePipelineBuilder (ILoggerFactory loggerFactory)
Constructor More...
 FiftyOnePipelineBuilder (ILoggerFactory loggerFactory, IServiceProvider services)
Constructor More...
FiftyOnePipelineBuilder  SetShareUsage (bool enabled)
Set share usage enabled/disabled. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.PipelineBuilder

 PipelineBuilder (ILoggerFactory loggerFactory)
Create a new PipelineBuilder instance. More...
 PipelineBuilder (ILoggerFactory loggerFactory, IServiceProvider services)
Create a new PipelineBuilder instance. More...
virtual IPipeline  BuildFromConfiguration (PipelineOptions options)
Build the pipeline using the specified configuration options. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.PipelineBuilderBase< PipelineBuilder >

 PipelineBuilderBase (ILoggerFactory loggerFactory)
Create a new PipelineBuilderBase<T> instance. More...
virtual IPipeline  Build ()
Build the pipeline More...
T  AddFlowElement (IFlowElement element)
Add the specified IFlowElement to the pipeline. More...
T  AddFlowElementsParallel (params IFlowElement[] elements)
Add the specified IFlowElement array to the pipeline. More...
T  SetAutoDisposeElements (bool autoDispose)
Configure the Pipeline to either call dispose on it's child FlowElements when it is disposed or not. More...
T  SetSuppressProcessException (bool suppressExceptions)
Configure the Pipeline to either suppress exceptions added to IFlowData.Errors during processing or to throw them as an aggregate exception once processing is complete. More...

Protected Member Functions

override void  OnPreBuild ()
Called just before the pipeline is built. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FiftyOnePipelineBuilder() [1/3]

FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.FiftyOne.FlowElements.FiftyOnePipelineBuilder.FiftyOnePipelineBuilder ( )

Default constructor

◆ FiftyOnePipelineBuilder() [2/3]

FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.FiftyOne.FlowElements.FiftyOnePipelineBuilder.FiftyOnePipelineBuilder ( ILoggerFactory   loggerFactory )


loggerFactory -

◆ FiftyOnePipelineBuilder() [3/3]

FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.FiftyOne.FlowElements.FiftyOnePipelineBuilder.FiftyOnePipelineBuilder ( ILoggerFactory   loggerFactory,
IServiceProvider   services  


loggerFactory -
services -

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetShareUsage()

FiftyOnePipelineBuilder FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.FiftyOne.FlowElements.FiftyOnePipelineBuilder.SetShareUsage ( bool   enabled )

Set share usage enabled/disabled.

Defaults to enabled.

enabled - true to enable usage sharing. False to disable.
This builder instance.