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51Degrees Pipeline API

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This repository contains all the projects required to build the .NET implementation of the Pipeline API. Individual engines (For example, device detection) are in separate repositories.


Visual Studio 2019 or later is recommended. Although Visual Studio Code can be used for working with most of the projects.

The Pipeline projects are written in C# and target .NET Standard 2.0.3 The Web integration multi-targets the following:

  • .NET Core 2.1
  • .NET Core 3.1
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 Test and example projects target .NET Core 3.1

Solutions and projects

  • FiftyOne.Pipeline - The core projects that comprise the Pipeline API.
  • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Web - Projects that are relevant to the Pipeline API ASP.NET integration.
    • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Web - ASP.NET Core integration.
    • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Web.Framework - ASP.NET Framework integration.
    • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Web.Minify - FlowElement which takes the JavaScript function from the JavaScriptBundler element and minifies it.
    • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Web.Shared - Shared code that is used by both Core and Framework ASP.NET integrations.
  • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Elements - Projects for various common Flow Elements that are used by multiple other solutions.
  • FiftyOne.CloudRequestEngine - Projects related to making general requests to the 51Degrees cloud.
    • FiftyOne.Pipeline.CloudRequestEngine - An engine that makes requests to the 51Degrees cloud service.


You can either clone this repository and reference the projects locally or you can reference the NuGet packages directly.

Install-Package FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core
Install-Package FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines
Install-Package FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.FiftyOne
Install-Package FiftyOne.Pipeline.Web
Install-Package FiftyOne.Pipeline.Web.Minify
Install-Package FiftyOne.Pipeline.JsonBuilder
Install-Package FiftyOne.Pipeline.JavaScriptBuilder
Install-Package FiftyOne.Pipeline.CloudRequestEngine

Note that the packages have dependencies on each other so you'll never need to install all of them individually. For example, Installing FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.FiftyOne will automatically add FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines and FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.


Pipeline Examples

  • In FfityOne.Pipeline.sln
    • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Examples - Shared code library that contains base classes that are used by the examples.
    • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Examples.Caching - Example that shows how the results caching feature of engines can be used.
  • In DeveloperExamples.sln
    • SimpleFlowElement - Shows how to create a custom flow element that returns star sign based on a supplied date of birth.
    • SimpleOnPremiseEngine - Shows how to modify SimpleFlowElement to make use of the 'engine' functionality and use a custom data file to map dates to star signs rather than relying on hard coded data.
    • SimpleClientSideElement - Shows how to modify SimpleFlowElement to request the data of birth from the user using client-side JavaScript.
    • SimpleClientSideElementMVC - An example project showing how to use the code from SimpleClientSideElement in an ASP.NET Core web application.
    • SimpleCloudEngine - Shows how to modify SimpleFlowElement to perform the star sign lookup via a cloud service rather than locally.
  • In FiftyOne.Pipeline.Web.sln
    • AspNetCore 2.1 Example - Shows how to use the Pipeline ASP.NET Core 2.1 integration.
    • AspNetCore 3.1 Example - Shows how to use the Pipeline ASP.NET Core 3.1 integration.
    • Example Website Framework - Shows how to use the Pipeline ASP.NET integration.


  • FiftyOne.Pipeline.CloudRequestEngine.Tests - Tests for the CloudRequestEngine and builder.
  • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Tests - Tests for FlowElement and FlowData base classes.
  • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.Tests - Tests for AspectEngines and AspectData base classes.
  • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.FiftyOne.Tests - Tests for 51Degrees specific aspect engines.
  • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Examples.Tests - Tests for developer examples. This will automatically run all the examples and ensure they do not crash.
  • FiftyOne.Pipeline.Web.Tests - Tests for web integration functionality.

The tests can be run from within Visual Studio or (in most cases) by using the dotnet command line tool.

Project documentation

For complete documentation on the Pipeline API and associated engines, see the 51Degrees documentation site.