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FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.IPipelineBuilderFromConfiguration Interface Reference

Detailed Description

Pipeline builders implementing this interface are capable of building a IPipeline based on a supplied PipelineOptions instance.

Inheritance diagram for FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.IPipelineBuilderFromConfiguration:


Public Member Functions

IPipeline  BuildFromConfiguration (PipelineOptions options)
Build the pipeline using the specified configuration options. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ BuildFromConfiguration()

IPipeline FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.IPipelineBuilderFromConfiguration.BuildFromConfiguration ( PipelineOptions   options )

Build the pipeline using the specified configuration options.

options - A PipelineOptions instance describing how to build the pipeline.
A new IPipeline instance containing the configured IFlowElement instances.
PipelineConfigurationException -

Implemented in FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.PipelineBuilder.