51Degrees Pipeline .NET  4.1

51Degrees Pipeline for .NET

FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData Class Reference

Detailed Description

Standalone instance of ElementPropertyMetaData, used to serialize element or aspect properties.


string  Name [get, set]
Name of the property More...
string  Type [get, set]
The property type name. More...
string  Category [get, set]
The property category More...
IList< PropertyMetaData >  ItemProperties [get, set]
Properties of sub-items More...

Property Documentation

◆ Category

string FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.Category
get set

The property category

◆ ItemProperties

IList<PropertyMetaData> FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.ItemProperties
get set

Properties of sub-items

◆ Name

string FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.Name
get set

Name of the property

◆ Type

string FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.Type
get set

The property type name.

Note that this is the JSON type, not the c# type. For example, any list types will just have the type name 'Array'.