51Degrees Location Python  4.4

Reverse Geo-Location services for 51Degrees Pipeline

51Degrees Geo-Location Engines

51Degrees v4 Location Python

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This project contains the geo-location engines for the Python implementation of the 51Degrees Pipeline API.

The Pipeline is a generic web request intelligence and data processing solution with the ability to add a range of 51Degrees and/or custom plug ins (Engines)


  • Python 3.5+
  • The flask python library to run the web examples

Installation and Examples

From PyPI

pip install fiftyone-location

You can confirm this is working with the following micro-example.

  • Create a resource key for free with the 51Degrees configurator. This defines the properties you want to access.
  • On the 'implement' page of the configurator, copy the resource key and replace YOUR_RESOURCE_KEY in the example below. Save this as examplelocation.py
  • Run the example with python examplelocation.py
  • Feel free to try different locations and property values.
from fiftyone_location.location_pipelinebuilder import LocationPipelineBuilder
pipeline = LocationPipelineBuilder(resource_key="YOUR_RESOURCE_KEY").build()
fd = pipeline.create_flowdata()
fd.evidence.add("query.51D_Pos_latitude", "40.730610")
fd.evidence.add("query.51D_Pos_longitude", "-73.935242")

For more in-depth examples, check out the examples page in the documentation.

From GitHub

If you've cloned the GitHub repository, you will be able to run the examples directly:

python -m examples.cloud.gettingstarted

To run the web example navigate into Examples folder:


Execute export FLASK_APP=web where web is the example file, and start your application via flask run.


Execute $env:FLASK_APP = "web" where web is the example file, and start your application via flask run.