51Degrees Location Python  4.4

Reverse Geo-Location services for 51Degrees Pipeline

location-python.fiftyone_location.location_pipelinebuilder.LocationPipelineBuilder Class Reference

Detailed Description

The Location Pipeline Builder allows you to easily Construct a pipeline containing the location cloud engine.

Internal function for getting evidence keys used by cloud engines

@type resource_key: string

resource_key - The 51Degrees cloud service resource key @type cloud_request_origin: string
cloud_request_origin - The value to set the Origin header to when making requests to the cloud service @type location_provider: string
location_provider - fiftyonedegrees or digitalelement @type settings: dict
settings - Settings for the pipeline. Can contain a cloud_endpoint url if overriding the default one. An optional cache can be added by passing an instance of the DataKeyedCache class as a cache setting The pipeline builder can also contain javascript_builder_settings settings see the documentation for the base PipelineBuilder and JavaScriptBuilder class

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Public Member Functions

def  __init__ (self, resource_key, location_provider="fiftyonedegrees", settings={})