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51Degrees v4 Device Detection Python

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From PyPi

pip install fiftyone-devicedetection-cloud

You can confirm this is working with the following micro-example.

  • Create a resource key for free with the 51Degrees configurator. This defines the properties you want to access.
  • On the 'implement' page of the configurator, copy the resource key and replace YOUR_RESOURCE_KEY in the example below. Save this as exampledd.py
  • Run the example with python exampledd.py
  • Feel free to try different user-agents and property values.
from fiftyone_devicedetection_cloud.devicedetection_cloud_pipelinebuilder import DeviceDetectionCloudPipelineBuilder
pipeline = DeviceDetectionCloudPipelineBuilder({"resource_key": "YOUR_RESOURCE_KEY"}).build()
fd = pipeline.create_flowdata()
fd.evidence.add("header.user-agent", "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 12_2 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/15E148")

For more in-depth examples, check out the examples page in the documentation.

From GitHub

If you've cloned the GitHub repository, you will be able to run the examples directly:

python -m examples.cloud.gettingstarted

To run the web example navigate into examples/cloud folder:


Execute export FLASK_APP=web where web is the example file, and start your application via flask run.


Execute $env:FLASK_APP = "web" where web is the example file, and start your application via flask run.


To run the tests use:

python -m unittest discover -s tests -p test*.py -b

Cloud tests will only run with a valid 51Degrees resource key (see above) set as a resource_key operating system environment variable.

For example, use following command to set resource_key on Linux: export resource_key=MY-RESOURCE-KEY

On Microsoft Windows use: $env:resource_key = "MY-RESOURCE-KEY"

As the performance and offline processing tests take longer than the others, there is another environment variable flag to run those:

Linux: export run_performance_tests=true

Microsoft Windows: $env:run_performance_tests = "true"