51Degrees Device Detection Java  4.4

Device detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

fiftyone.devicedetection.hash.engine.onpremise.data.PropertyMetaDataHash Class Reference

Detailed Description

Hash on-premise implementation of the FiftyOneAspectPropertyMetaData interface.

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Public Member Functions

 PropertyMetaDataHash (DeviceDetectionHashEngine engine, PropertyMetaDataSwig source)
Construct a new instance. More...
String  getUrl ()
byte  getDisplayOrder ()
boolean  getMandatory ()
boolean  getList ()
boolean  getObsolete ()
boolean  getShow ()
boolean  getShowValues ()
String  getDescription ()
ComponentMetaData  getComponent ()
Iterable< ValueMetaData >  getValues ()
ValueMetaData  getValue (String valueName)
ValueMetaData  getDefaultValue ()
List< String >  getDataTiersWherePresent ()
boolean  isAvailable ()
List< ElementPropertyMetaData >  getItemProperties ()
String  getName ()
String  getCategory ()
Class<?>  getType ()
FlowElement<? extends ElementData, ? extends ElementPropertyMetaData >  getElement ()
int  hashCode ()
boolean  equals (Object obj)
boolean  equals (FiftyOneAspectPropertyMetaData other)
boolean  equals (String other)
String  toString ()
void  close () throws IOException
boolean  getDelayExecution ()
List< String >  getEvidenceProperties ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PropertyMetaDataHash()

fiftyone.devicedetection.hash.engine.onpremise.data.PropertyMetaDataHash.PropertyMetaDataHash ( DeviceDetectionHashEngine   engine,
PropertyMetaDataSwig   source  

Construct a new instance.

engine - the engine creating the instance
source - the source metadata from the native engine