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Device detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Hash.Engine.OnPremise.Interop.VectorStringSwig Class Reference

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class  VectorStringSwigEnumerator
Note that the IEnumerator documentation requires an InvalidOperationException to be thrown whenever the collection is modified. More...

Public Member Functions

void  Dispose ()
 VectorStringSwig (global::System.Collections.IEnumerable c)
 VectorStringSwig (global::System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable< string > c)
void  CopyTo (string[] array)
void  CopyTo (string[] array, int arrayIndex)
void  CopyTo (int index, string[] array, int arrayIndex, int count) string []  ToArray () VectorStringSwigEnumerator  GetEnumerator () void  Clear () void  Add (string x)  VectorStringSwig (VectorStringSwig other)  VectorStringSwig (int capacity) void  AddRange (VectorStringSwig values) VectorStringSwig  GetRange (int index, int count) void  Insert (int index, string x) void  InsertRange (int index, VectorStringSwig values) void  RemoveAt (int index) void  RemoveRange (int index, int count) void  Reverse () void  Reverse (int index, int count) void  SetRange (int index, VectorStringSwig values) bool  Contains (string value) int  IndexOf (string value) int  LastIndexOf (string value) bool  Remove (string value)

Static Public Member Functions

static VectorStringSwig  Repeat (string value, int count)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void  Dispose (bool disposing)

Protected Attributes

bool  swigCMemOwn


bool  IsFixedSize [get]
bool  IsReadOnly [get] string  this[int index] [get, set] int  Capacity [get, set] int  Count [get] bool  IsSynchronized [get]
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