51Degrees Device Detection C/C++  4.3

A device detection library that is used natively or by 51Degrees products


1 /* *********************************************************************
2  * This Original Work is copyright of 51 Degrees Mobile Experts Limited.
3  * Copyright 2019 51 Degrees Mobile Experts Limited, 5 Charlotte Close,
4  * Caversham, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom RG4 7BY.
5  *
6  * This Original Work is licensed under the European Union Public Licence (EUPL)
7  * v.1.2 and is subject to its terms as set out below.
8  *
9  * If a copy of the EUPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain
10  * one at https://opensource.org/licenses/EUPL-1.2.
11  *
12  * The 'Compatible Licences' set out in the Appendix to the EUPL (as may be
13  * amended by the European Commission) shall be deemed incompatible for
14  * the purposes of the Work and the provisions of the compatibility
15  * clause in Article 5 of the EUPL shall not apply.
16  *
17  * If using the Work as, or as part of, a network application, by
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19  * in the end user terms of the application under an appropriate heading,
20  * such notice(s) shall fulfill the requirements of that article.
21  * ********************************************************************* */
48 #include "data.h"
49 #include "status.h"
50 #include "dataset.h"
52 #ifdef __cplusplus
53 #define EXTERNAL extern "C"
54 #else
55 #define EXTERNAL
56 #endif
61 typedef enum e_fiftyone_degrees_results_no_value_reason {
99 typedef struct fiftyone_degrees_results_base_t {
100  void *dataSet;
111  void *dataSet);
117 #endif
fiftyoneDegreesResultsBase * fiftyoneDegreesResultsInit(fiftyoneDegreesResultsBase *results, void *dataSet)
Initialise a set of results by setting the data set they are associated with.
No hash nodes were matched, see the Hash API.
Definition: results.h:66
The results contain a null profile for the required component.
Definition: results.h:89
There are too many values to be expressed as the requested type.
Definition: results.h:85
There are no results to get a value from.
Definition: results.h:82
None of the above.
Definition: results.h:93
The requested property does not exist, or is not a required property.
Definition: results.h:70
Enum containing reasons which cause a value to not be present or valid.
Definition: results.h:61
The difference value is higher than the threshold, see the Pattern API.
Definition: results.h:62
void * dataSet
Pointer to the data set associated with the results.
Definition: results.h:100
There is no result which contains a value for the requested property.
Definition: results.h:75
Base results structure which any processing results should extend.
Definition: results.h:99