51Degrees Device Detection C/C++  4.1Newer Version 4.3

A device detection library that is used natively or by 51Degrees products


1 /* *********************************************************************
2  * This Original Work is copyright of 51 Degrees Mobile Experts Limited.
3  * Copyright 2019 51 Degrees Mobile Experts Limited, 5 Charlotte Close,
4  * Caversham, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom RG4 7BY.
5  *
6  * This Original Work is licensed under the European Union Public Licence (EUPL)
7  * v.1.2 and is subject to its terms as set out below.
8  *
9  * If a copy of the EUPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain
10  * one at https://opensource.org/licenses/EUPL-1.2.
11  *
12  * The 'Compatible Licences' set out in the Appendix to the EUPL (as may be
13  * amended by the European Commission) shall be deemed incompatible for
14  * the purposes of the Work and the provisions of the compatibility
15  * clause in Article 5 of the EUPL shall not apply.
16  *
17  * If using the Work as, or as part of, a network application, by
18  * including the attribution notice(s) required under Article 5 of the EUPL
19  * in the end user terms of the application under an appropriate heading,
20  * such notice(s) shall fulfill the requirements of that article.
21  * ********************************************************************* */
71 #include <stdint.h>
72 #include <string.h>
73 #include <stdio.h>
75 #ifdef __cplusplus
76 #define EXTERNAL extern "C"
77 #else
78 #define EXTERNAL
79 #endif
82 typedef enum e_fiftyone_degrees_status_code {
147 EXTERNAL const char* fiftyoneDegreesStatusGetMessage(
149  const char *fileName);
155 #endif
Unknown file error.
Definition: status.h:91
Data structure not readable.
Definition: status.h:85
The data file could not be created.
Definition: status.h:112
File permission denied.
Definition: status.h:114
The configuration provided to create a collection could not be used to create a valid collection.
Definition: status.h:120
const char * fiftyoneDegreesStatusGetMessage(fiftyoneDegreesStatusCode status, const char *fileName)
Returns an English error message for the status code allocating memory needed to store the message.
Status returned from the initialisation of a resource.
Definition: status.h:82
None of the required properties could be found.
Definition: status.h:99
Offset out of range.
Definition: status.h:132
There were not enough handles available to retrieve data from the source.
Definition: status.h:126
Working pointer exceeded the amount of memory containing the data.
Definition: status.h:94
Index out of range.
Definition: status.h:130
Read failure.
Definition: status.h:135
Lack of memory.
Definition: status.h:84
The data file was busy.
Definition: status.h:90
Should never be returned to the caller.
Definition: status.h:92
Data not the required version.
Definition: status.h:86
The profile id represents an empty profile.
Definition: status.h:101
The file path is longer than the available memory available to store it.
Definition: status.h:115
Seek failure.
Definition: status.h:134
The data file couldn't be found.
Definition: status.h:88
The file or directory already exists, so could not be created.
Definition: status.h:109
There was an error getting an item from a collection due to too many concurrent operations.
Definition: status.h:103
An invalid config was provided.
Definition: status.h:125
A key pointer was not set.
Definition: status.h:97
All okay.
Definition: status.h:83
Too many files are open.
Definition: status.h:98
There was an error encoding characters of a string.
Definition: status.h:118
The data file could not be copied.
Definition: status.h:107