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Property Value
ReleaseYear 0
ReleaseMonth Unknown
PlatformReleaseYear 2009
PlatformReleaseMonth October
PlatformDiscontinuedMonth January
PlatformDiscontinuedYear 2020
BrowserReleaseMonth January
BrowserReleaseYear 2016
BrowserDiscontinuedMonth March
BrowserDiscontinuedYear 2016
ReleaseAge 0
Property Value
MatchedNodes 18
Difference 0
Drift 0
DeviceId 15364-7133-57798-18092
Target User-Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) Gecko/20090722 Chrome/38.0.2125.104 (X) Safari 6 Orca/1.2 build 2
Matched User-Agent ____lla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) Gecko____________________________________________________________
Iterations 44
Property Value
SupportedBearers Unknown
IsCrawler False
CrawlerName NotCrawler
HardwareImages Front
IsDataMinimising False
Promise Partial
Fetch True
Preload False
PriceBand Unknown
DeviceType Desktop
WebP True
Property Value
ScreenPixelsHeightJavaScript //Set screen pixels height cookie. document.cookie = "51D_ScreenPixelsHeight=" + screen.height;
ScreenPixelsWidthJavaScript //Set screen pixels width cookie. document.cookie = "51D_ScreenPixelsWidth=" + screen.width;
Property Value
HardwareVendor Unknown
HardwareModel Unknown
HardwareName Desktop, Emulator
PlatformVendor Microsoft
PlatformName Windows
PlatformVersion 7
BrowserVendor Google
BrowserName Chrome
BrowserVersion 48
HardwareFamily Emulator
OEM Unknown
HardwareModelVariants N/A
Property Value
CPU Unknown
GPU Unknown
SoC Unknown
Property Value
ScreenPixelsWidth 0
ScreenPixelsHeight 0
ScreenInchesDiagonal 0
Property Value
HardwareRank 1
PlatformRank 5
BrowserRank 285
Error Value
My User Agent tester

My User Agent tester

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