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Property Value
ReleaseYear 0
ReleaseMonth Unknown
PlatformReleaseYear 2009
PlatformReleaseMonth October
PlatformDiscontinuedMonth January
PlatformDiscontinuedYear 2020
BrowserReleaseMonth July
BrowserReleaseYear 2015
BrowserDiscontinuedMonth August
BrowserDiscontinuedYear 2015
BrowserReleaseAge 75
BrowserDiscontinuedAge 74
ReleaseAge 0
Property Value
MatchedNodes 18
Difference 0
Drift 0
DeviceId 15364-7133-48049-18092
Target User-Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:39.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/39.0
Matched User-Agent _ozilla/5.0__Windows NT 6.1;__OW64; rv:_____________0100101 ____fox/39.0
Iterations 96
Property Value
SupportedBearers Unknown
IsCrawler False
CrawlerName NotCrawler
HardwareImages Front
IsDataMinimising False
Promise Partial
TAC Unknown
Fetch True
Preload False
PriceBand Unknown
DeviceType Desktop
WebP False
Property Value
ScreenPixelsHeightJavaScript //Set screen pixels height cookie. document.cookie = "51D_ScreenPixelsHeight=" + screen.height;
ScreenPixelsWidthJavaScript //Set screen pixels width cookie. document.cookie = "51D_ScreenPixelsWidth=" + screen.width;
Property Value
HardwareVendor Unknown
HardwareModel Unknown
HardwareName Desktop, Emulator
PlatformVendor Microsoft
PlatformName Windows
PlatformVersion 7
BrowserVendor Mozilla
BrowserName Firefox
BrowserVersion 39.0
HardwareFamily Emulator
OEM Unknown
Property Value
CPU Unknown
GPU Unknown
SoC Unknown
Property Value
ScreenPixelsWidth 0
ScreenPixelsHeight 0
ScreenInchesDiagonal 0
Property Value
HardwareRank 1
PlatformRank 7
BrowserRank 571
Error Value
My User Agent tester

My User Agent tester

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