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Names, versions, and vendors for the device components.

Property Value
HardwareVendor Unknown
HardwareModel Unknown
HardwareName Desktop, Emulator
PlatformVendor Microsoft
PlatformName Windows
PlatformVersion 10.0
BrowserVendor Brave Software
BrowserName Brave Desktop
BrowserVersion 1.65
HardwareFamily Emulator
OEM Unknown
HardwareModelVariants N/A

Evidence used in the detection where highlighted characters are those relevant to the result.

Name Matched Value
'"Windows"' '""' ?0
'"Windows"' '"10.0.0"'
sec-ch-ua-platform '"Windows"'
'"Chromium";v="", "Brave";v="", "Not-A.Brand";v=""' ?0 '"Windows"'
'"Chromium";v="124", "Brave";v="124", "Not-A.Brand";v="99"' ?0 '"Windows"'
sec-ch-ua-mobile ?0

Properties of the device screen.

Property Value
ScreenPixelsWidth 0
ScreenPixelsHeight 0
ScreenInchesDiagonal 0

Properties of the processor and graphics chips in the device.

Property Value
CPU Unknown
GPU Unknown
SoC Unknown

Images of the device if available.

Large Images

Front 128x128 128x128

Small Images

16x16 16x16

Properties and values relevant to User-Agent Client-Hints.

Property Value
SetHeaderBrowserAccept-CH Sec-CH-UA,Sec-CH-UA-Full-Version-List,Sec-CH-UA-Mobile,Sec-CH-UA-Platform
SetHeaderHardwareAccept-CH Sec-CH-UA-Model,Sec-CH-UA-Mobile
SetHeaderPlatformAccept-CH Sec-CH-UA-Platform,Sec-CH-UA-Platform-Version
JavascriptGetHighEntropyValues if(navigator.userAgentData){navigator.userAgentData.getHighEntropyValues(["model","platform","platformVersion","fullVersionList"]).then(t=>{document.cookie=`51D_GetHighEntropyValues=${btoa(JSON.stringify(t))}` // 51D replace this comment with callback function. })} else { // 51D replace this comment with callback function. }

When the components were released and discontinued.

Property Value
ReleaseYear 0
ReleaseMonth Unknown
PlatformReleaseYear 2015
PlatformReleaseMonth July
PlatformDiscontinuedMonth N/A
PlatformDiscontinuedYear 0
BrowserReleaseMonth April
BrowserReleaseYear 2024
BrowserDiscontinuedMonth May
BrowserDiscontinuedYear 2024
BrowserReleaseAge 3
BrowserDiscontinuedAge 2
ReleaseAge 0

Metrics relating to the detection result.

Property Value
MatchedNodes 24
Difference 0
Drift 0
DeviceId 15364-38914-133206
Iterations 79

General properties which do not fall into another category.

Property Value
SupportedBearers Unknown
HardwareImages Front http://images.51degrees.mobi/DI/Front_15364.png
IsDataMinimising False
Promise None
Fetch False
Preload False
BrowserLogos 16x16 http://images.51degrees.mobi/DI/16x16_133206.png, 128x128 http://images.51degrees.mobi/DI/128x128_133206.png
PlatformLogos 16x16 http://images.51degrees.mobi/DI/16x16_38914.png, 128x128 http://images.51degrees.mobi/DI/128x128_38914.png
PriceBand Unknown
DeviceType Desktop
WebP False

JavaScript values that can be used to get more evidence from the browser.

Property Value
ScreenPixelsHeightJavaScript //Set screen pixels height cookie. document.cookie = "51D_ScreenPixelsHeight=" + screen.height;
ScreenPixelsWidthJavaScript //Set screen pixels width cookie. document.cookie = "51D_ScreenPixelsWidth=" + screen.width;

Ranking statistics where low values indicate greater popularity.

Property Value
HardwareRank 1
PlatformRank 6
BrowserRank 902
Error Value
IsCrawler None of the results contain a value for the requested property.
CrawlerName None of the results contain a value for the requested property.

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