Check out the latest documentation. Data Source Description is a web site and web browser test suite maintained by Alexis Deveria . It provides accurate information concerning the features supported by popular web browsers. It is used as a data source for some web browser properties in 51Degrees including those contained in the following table.

51Degrees Property Feature Test Specification
CssTransitions css-transitions W3C
AnimationTiming requestanimationframe W3C
BlobBuilder blobbuilder W3C
CssBackground multibackgrounds W3C
css-boxshadow W3C
border-radius W3C
CssBorderImage cssborderimage W3C
CssCanvas css-canvas W3C
CssColor css3-colors W3C
CssColumn multicolumn W3C
CssFlexbox flexbox W3C
CssFont fontface W3C
css-gradients W3C
css-repeating-gradients W3C
object-fit W3C
css-image-orientation W3C
CssMediaQueries css-mediaqueries W3C
CssMinMax minmaxwh W3C
CssPosition css-fixed W3C
CssText css-textshadow W3C
wordwrap W3C
word-break W3C
CssTransforms transforms2d W3C
CssUI text-overflow W3C
css3-boxsizing W3C
pointer W3C
DataUrl datauri
DeviceOrientation deviceorientation W3C
FileReader filereader W3C
FormData xhr2 W3C
Fullscreen fullscreen W3C
GeoLocation geolocation W3C
History history
Html5 html5semantic
Iframe iframe-sandbox;
IndexedDB indexeddb W3C
Json json
PostMessage channel-messaging W3C
Selector matchesselector W3C
Svg svg W3C
TouchEvents touch W3C
Video video
WebWorkers webworkers W3C
Xhr2 xhr2 W3C
Masking css-masks W3C
Canvas canvas


Where a property in 51Degrees requires more than 1 feature test to pass all the tests are shown.

The 51Degrees property primary BrowserPropertySource should be checked for the value "" to determine if the browser property information matched

The following table shows how feature test results for a given browser are mapped to 51Degrees property values. Feature Test Result Related 51Degrees Property Value
Supported by default True
Requires prefix to work True
Almost supported (aka Partial support) False
No support, or disabled by default False
No support, but has (P)olyfill False
Almost supported but requires prefix work False
Support unknown Unknown
Disabled by default (need to enable) Unknown

At present does not provide information on the following 51Degrees properties.

  • CSSOverflow
  • FileSaver
  • FileWriter
  • ViewPort
  • Progress
  • Html-Media-Capture
  • Track