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You Have Invested In Advertising In All The Right Channels. Why Fall At The Last Hurdle?

Ensure your website does you justice and engage all targets regardless of screen size. Brand engagement is now measured digitally. Leading advertisers use device intelligence to ensure their analytics platforms understand every user before delivering digital content and experiences which they know are optimized for every device and network. Many of the world's leading brands including eBay, Subway, Disney and Hyundai all use device intelligence. Ensure your web visitors get the best experience and convert to customers or ambassadors for your brand.

"The folks at 51degrees.mobi are fantastic and offer a fantastic product. If you are looking to add mobile device detection and redirection to your .aspx site, you should not go anywhere else. This is the standard."

Ross Fortner - Camelback Mountain Resort


  • Tracking the consumer buying cycle across multi devices and multi channels.
  • Bad device data leads to bad decisions.
  • Historic trend of applying responsive web design only and the misconception that optimised websites are more time consuming and costly to manage.
  • Money and man hours spent on advertising and then a bad user experience on the website compromises a potential brand conversion.


  • Unlock additional insights

    Using 51Degrees with your existing analytics tools can help you get more granular information about your users and the devices (and associated device properties) that they are using to view your site.

  • Largest Device Combination Database

    51Degrees provides the largest number of devices combinations providing information, such as retail price, vendor, screen size, device age and more to help you customise your content for your target users.

  • Light weight content

    Using lighter content that is optimized will decrease page loading times, improve user engagement and reduce page abandonment rates. Improve and protect your brands' image.

  • Boost conversions

    Increase viewability and product conversions. 51Degrees catalogue over 170 new device models every week from around the world including Asia and Africa. Supports over 20 existing platforms.

Used by:

  • Eharmony
  • Accenture

Complements The Way You Work

  • 1Analyze – Plugin 51Degrees to brands’ website and see a more granular level of detail about the devices used.
  • Grow revenue for Adtech
  • 2Design – Understand user behavior and optimise digital content for all devices.
  • 3Implement – Make the changes and see your conversion rates increase.

Want To Know More About How Device Detection Can Work For Your Business?

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51Degrees Now Help More Than 1.5 Million Websites Support Different Mobile Device Types Ensuring A Better User Experience And Increased Revenue.

Find out how we can transform your business today.

  • Lightweight site content prevents abandoned site visits, increases Ad viewability and conversion rates. Try an adaptive approach with server-side optimisation fuelled with accurate device data and do not fear the m.dot site! Improve user experience, drive engagement and increase yield with 51Degrees Device Intelligence.

  • The ability to quickly segment audiences, target appropriately and optimize ad creative based on accurate analytics is vital for Adtech companies. 51Degrees delivers comprehensive device intelligence which enhances your existing analytics by identifying key attributes like screen size, bandwidth and device price. Critical data for mobile website and app users that other platforms do not provide.